At Barnfield, we’re committed to helping riders learn more about the horses and how to care for them. 
We offer a range of courses for adult riders – you can come just for fun or to prepare for British Horse Society exams.  For children, we run a Pony Academy and other activities – see our Kids page for details. 
To book any of our courses, please contact us by phone or email.

NEW!  We're now a Ride Safe exam centre!

This autumn saw the first ever Ride Safe exam take place at Barnfield Riding School - and all our candidates passed with flying colours!

Ride Safe is the NEW BHS course designed to make sure you and your horse can be safe on the roads, tracks and bridleways away from the yard.  Barnfield Riding School runs a pre-exam course to make sure you have all the knowledge you need and you can take the exam on our friendly, safe horses & ponies.

If you want to learn to Ride Safe, call 020 8546 3616 and speak to Patsy.
British Horse Society Exam Courses
We offer combined riding and stable management courses for those wanting to work towards British Horse Society examinations (Stages One and Two). 
Each session combines an hour’s riding with an hour of hands-on stable management teaching – perfect for mastering both sides of the exam! 
The courses run for 8 weeks before each local exam date -  Call now to register your interest and make sure you're first on the list!
For more details about the NEW BHS exams, click here (opens in new tab).
Stable management courses   
Barnfield Riding School offers two options for riders wanting to work on their horse care skills without taking exams:
Horse Care courses run for six weeks on a weekday morning.  Ideal for those wanting to broaden their knowledge of the daily care horses need!  Groups are limited to 6 people so you learn 'hands-on' in a safe environment and coffee is provided after sessions to discuss what you've learned. Next course starts in Jan - call to book now as we're filling up fast!
Ride & Groom:  This 2 hour course combines riding with looking after your favourite horse – learning about the feeding, grooming and tack care which keeps our horses in peak condition.  This course runs Tuesday to Sunday all year round – an ideal present for a friend (or yourself!).

To sign up for either course, please call 020 8546 3616 and speak to Patsy.