Our people - staff and volunteers

  1. Bill
    Having worked at Barnfield for almost 20yrs Bill has almost become part of the furniture! He’s very efficient at helping riders on and off their horses.
  2. Wendy
    One of the Sunday team, Wendy has looked after many of the Barnfield horses, new and old over the years. Always smiling, she’ll show you the ropes.
  3. Sam
    Having taken up riding only a few years ago, Barnfield has perfected Sam’s skills to pass her Stage 1. If not working, she’s usually found at the yard.
  4. Di
    Coming from a family background in horse racing, Di is an early riser and can be found at Barnfield many mornings of the week!
  5. Patsy
    Patsy took over Barnfield Riding School on 1 August 2015, and has been an instructor here since 2000. She teaches on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  6. Libby
    Libby looks after Barnfield's website as well as being the resident seamstress, stitching all the torn rugs back together!
  7. Charlotte
    Once a volunteer, Charlotte is now a fulltime Barnfield staff member. Charlotte is always ready to ride in fancy dress!
  8. Tansy
    Tansy volunteers on a Sunday afternoon and is working towards her Stage 2 exam.
  9. Nathalie
    Having ridden at Barnfield since childhood, it’s now her second home. She’s another who passed her Stage 1 this year and loves hacking in the park.

Our horses (and other animals!)

  1. Cookie
    Gentle Cookie is a pro out hacking and a comfy ride. She will build your confidence whilst exploring Richmond Park.
  2. Kandee
    This affectionate horse is always after your attention, she loves spending time outside with plenty of hay to munch on!
  3. Poppy
    Patsy’s horse Poppy is the baby of the herd, at just 7yrs. However she is also the tallest, so she can reach any treats on offer!
  4. Tessie
    Tessie may be a small pony, but she has a huge heart. She looks after beginners and RDA riders, but also loves dressage and jumping.
  5. Hollie
    Hollie is one of our school masters. When you perfect your technique you will see this big cob look as light as a feather trotting round!
  6. Nevada
    Nevada is a sweet mare who looks after everybody from tiny tots to old hands - guaranteed fun!
  7. Rosie
    This lovely Cleveland Bay is Barnfield’s matriarch. She’s sure to teach you a thing or two in the school.
  8. Jazz
    Jazz is possibly the most laid back cob ever - he is also one of the hairiest! With his winter clip he’s a rather svelte young chap!
  9. Freddy
    Freddy joined the Barnfield team in 2015, he’s 11yrs old and still slightly green. He has become Patsy’s little project.
  10. Sienna
    This gorgeous chestnut is one of our smaller ponies. Sienna is great at working with youngsters and RDA riders to improve their skills.
  11. Big Billy Bunny
    Billy has had to move out of his stable to make way for ponies - now he's enjoying retirement with one of our friends!
  12. Mortlake
    Quiet and lovable Mortlake is Patsy’s Springer spaniel. If not at Patsy’s side she is usually found next to the school encouraging horse and rider!
  13. Jazz the Cat
    Jazz was taken in at Barnfield as a tiny kitten. Now an old hand, she can usually be found sitting on the diary, particularly when you want to update it!